When you need to meet demand for non-ferrous metal scrap and stainless steel scrap, Tangent Trading has ready access to the international marketplace. We buy around the globe and can satisfy the most frequent requests for regular supply of copper, aluminum, lead, brass, zinc, stainless steel or iron.

Our experience in hedging, has ensured that any dramatic movements in world markets are astutely managed, resulting in little negative impact on our customers, suppliers, or ourselves.

We will work with you to not only satisfy your current demand, but to anticipate your future needs, thereby sustaining a regular supply and home. And, if you want to expand and enhance your long term buying to meet demand, please contact us now. We have the supplier base, the knowledge and the buying power to make a difference to your business.

Tangent Trading has not only seen its own business grow, but we have added value to our customers' and suppliers' businesses as well. They know that all business will be conducted on the best possible terms, based on up-to-date market knowledge and backed-up by solid experience and integrity. Whether your requirement is for copper, aluminum, lead, brass, zinc, stainless steel or iron, you too can be reassured that the Tangent principles will apply equally to new contacts as they do to our existing trading partners.


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